Welcome to Ohio Penal Industries


Mission Statement

To assist Ohio Prisons in the management of offenders through training, by producing quality, cost efficient products and services; thereby, contributing to their successful reentry to society.

Vision Statement

OPI will strive to be a leader in correctional industries while providing valuable work opportunities to inmates, in an effort to instill meaningful skills and education that will assist them in re-entry and ultimately reduce recidivism for Ohio tax payers.

This vision will be further enhanced by the increase in the number of inmates employed by OPI, thereby reducing idleness and violence within the correctional system. The desire to increase opportunities for inmates to earn certificates through the national apprenticeship program lends credibility to their employment opportunities upon release from prison.

Guiding Principles

OPI operates independently from the General Revenue Fund. We are completely self sufficient and will remain so with the utilization of the principles set forth within this plan. We are mandated by statute to remain self sufficient and will continue to monitor progress.

One of the strongest traits of OPI is to instill positive work habits upon offenders who upon release will be better equipped to maintain employment and be productive citizens. This will have a positive effect on recidivism.

OPI is expected to operate transparently including giving information to all stakeholders to make sure we operate ethically and fiscally responsibly.

The cornerstone of our operation is to instill work habits in our offenders, bearing in mind not to take away any private sector jobs from Ohio citizens.

We are committed to not sell any of our finished goods across state lines without the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program.

Engaging prison idleness is a main concern of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Therefore OPI is committed to help reduce prison violence; we will provide as many meaningful job assignments within OPI to assist in this venture. 

Thank you for your continued support of OPI. Please contact us with any questions or recommendations.